Ok gentlemen. We'd like to talk about smell. Go ahead, you be you. But when guests are coming by your place, it's best to make it as inviting as possible.

A candle is one way, and our Man Shop candles are incredible Man-scents. But if you need a quick freshen up, a Room Spray is the only way to go. Keep this in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room. One spray is all you need for great freshness- a little more when the situation calls for it.

The newest scent from The Man Shop is called Moss. Imagine if you will, you're out in the wild on some Spring hiking with friends. The rain has just ended. You emerge from the tree cover into a meadow, still wet from the mist. You stop here and build a campfire for sharing a meal.  

This is the Moss scent. A woody but also a fragrant scent that combines the rich, musk tones of Amber and Sandalwood, with Moss, Sage, Lavandin, and a hint of Citrus. The scent is created from a combination of Essential and Fragrance oils, made into a great room-cleansing Room Spray.

IMPORTANT- Keep away from open flame. Do not store at temperatures above 175F degrees. As this room spray contains essential oil fragrance, it's not recommended as a fabric freshener as it may stain clothing- test before use. Do not ingest.