What is a cologne wipe?

So you're headed out with friends after work. In your pocket is a way to freshen up quickly- a packet full of great-smelling cologne. You pull it out, open the packet and wipe cologne on your neck, wrists, and anywhere else you need a scent boost. Our Cologne wipes come in our 3 best scents.

The Happy Hour scent is what we would call a magnet. People are drawn to it, and therefore, to you.  It's Sweet, Spicy, and Citrusy all in one. The top scent is Citrus and Grapefruit, layered onto Ginger, Peppermint, Cedar, and Sandalwood, so you have a masculine base with an inviting freshness on top. Wear this for first dates, to impress the one you've already got, on vacation, or for a particularly warm outing as this will keep you smelling fresh while you perspire. 

Packet of 12 individually-wrapped Cologne Wipes. 1.8 ounces.

Made in the USA

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