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Have you thought about your skin?

How you feel and skincare are closely linked. With just a few simple steps, you can improve the health and longevity of your skin. This month, we'll be covering some of our top tips.

This week's tip is this-

-The top 2 factors that influence your skincare regimen are- your age and your skintype. Here's why- your age determines the structure of your skin and your skintype determines the surface or your skin.

When it comes to aging, your skin actually changes physically over time. The skin has 3 layers, the Epidermis (top layer), Dermis (middle layer), and Hypodermis (base layer). The Epidermis is the layer you can see, the other layers are below it and together they create the structure of your skin. When you are young, the outer layer is thin and the middle and bottom layers are thick, giving your skin fullness. Your skin replenishes quickly and you can recover quickly from shocks to the skin. As you age, the Epidermis thickens, but the supporting layers thin, so wrinkles appear and your skin may start to visually sag.

Due to this, the kinds of products you would use in your 20s will be different than the kinds of products in your 40s and 50s. When you are younger, your metabolism is higher and the skin tends to be a bit oilier- you want products that work on the surface of the skin and you really want to protect what you've got, so daily sunscreen is critical. As you age, you need products that work on the structure of the skin and help to strengthen the middle and base layers. This is a simplified version of advice that a dermatologist might give, but it's how the skin works.

Now with skintype, what we mean by this is whether your skin tends to be oily, tends to be dry, or somewhere in the middle. How do you know? Well, if you've got oily skin, you are usually more prone to acne breakouts and your face may appear shiny. If your skin is dry, you tend to feel it because your face will be tighter and may get flaky. In the middle is if neither is true. Why does it matter? Because the product you put on your face should match your skintype- if you add oil-based serums to your oily face, you're likely to make it worse. Most products are labeled "For dry skin, For oily skin, For normal skin" to help you find the right one for you.

Developing a regular skincare regimen is good for your skin's health. Finding the right product that works for you is no easy task, but once you do, you'll look and feel great. We're here to help- if you need any advice on how to find the right thing for your skin, hit us up! Email at, WhatsApp and Text at (646)504-0734, or live chat us on our site. 


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